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When it Rains it Pours
Petty Slanderous people


When it rains it pours: Slanderers and their petty ways.

It has been recently brought to my attention by two friends and clients that a certain individual has been slandering me in a yahoo forum about Hoodoo.

I believe the forum is called (Hoodoo – In- Texas) since I no longer visit or interact in these forums which has been for the last 3 years I am not certain if I have the title correct. Forums of all types are intended to be a place for people to interact and exchange ideas about their favorite topic of interest. Because these are online forums, many times people who are otherwise socially inept or for lack of a better choice of words, as an old friend said (social misfits) have access to the internet and will use the web to vent their frustrations on others.  This has happened once before that I know of and I have addressed this on my web page Love Letters. This recent situation involves someone claiming I sold him my book on eBay, before I address this any further I will say the following and it is directed to my readers and to those who are interested in my book and spiritual help.

 I have never as of this time sold any of my books or other spiritual products on eBay, my book is copyrighted and if you have purchased my book on eBay then you are buying a pirated copy of the first edition which I have said before is tainted with foreign magical ideas. If I should decide to sell my books or other spiritual products on eBay then I will announce this on my website and send courtesy emails to my clients in regards to this. 


To you the slanderer:   If you have truly purchased a pirated copy of the old version of my grimoire and you are simply mistaken in who you feel has mistreated you? Then I will forgive your slander and I welcome you to speak directly with me so that you can gain the justice you feel you need.

 However: As I do not know your emails and was forwarded a copy of the nasty email you sent my friend it confirms to me that this is all a fabricated lie.  From what I read and what I have been told your story continues to change in regards to what you claim was done to you.  And now you posted a picture of someone else on Blog spot claiming that it’s me?

I wonder about who you really are that you feel such insecurity within yourself that you need to lash out at the world the way you do. Is it that you are so alone in the world that you must hide in your corner with your computer and keyboard, lashing out at those you blame for your shortcomings; simply to draw attention to yourself? You are only a loser if you feel like a loser and it is up to you to make something of yourself without using other people to give importance to your otherwise mundane existence. I suggest you get a real job and seek some form of counseling that will teach you about interacting in the real world with real people. The internet is meant to expand our information and is not a replacement for the real world, stop living in a fantasy world.

Remember something whoever you are or whatever you are: If you have any understanding of the magical world or feel you are some kind of “master” of the magical world then you will know that the spirit world knows who you are. Which in reality I do not need to waste my magical energy or time on you as the spirits themselves will take retribution on the unjust people of the world. 

I have clients all over the world and none have ever been mistreated and all have always been satisfied with my spiritual products and services.  If you were a real person who has been victimized you would have certainly after hearing from my friends good words, attempted to communicate with me. Instead you have carried on some childish petty vendetta.

To my friends: Thank you for your defense in regards to this kind of childish slander, I appreciate your support and in me you will always have a friend and an ally in your magical struggles.