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I have made this page to clarify current issues I have had with AOL USERS trying to contact me regarding my spiritual products and other assistance.

I have had several emails from AOL users that I have responded to several times who never received my emails. These aol users have sent me several emails that have become progressively more hostile, with the assumption that I am ignoring their email.  It is very insulting to have someone insist that you are ignoring them when you are not.

Understand that AOL has certain email filters that if you have turned on will block emails from other systems such as Yahoo.


How do I know this? I used to be an AOL user and I know of several clients that have used AOL to contact me and expressed the same issues. Their sollution was to use obviously another email address. If you are an AOL user my best advice is that if you have either Yahoo email or Hotmail use this instead of your AOL email address and if you dont have either then get one they are free after all.


any other email I receive regarding my website that is not from AOL to my hotmail account, will be ignored. I hate to be harsh but this is how it is.

If this is you then you can also email me at the following address brujo_negro@hotmail.com

All other email systems email brujo_negro1@yahoo.com

Note: Only use this email if you have questions about orders, spiritual work or spiritual consultations. I will not answer any how to do ritual questions or spell questions. Nor will I discuss theological pecularities, such as " can this spirit be used by me?" or "do I need to have someone else call this spirit?"  We have busy lives and our time is as valuable as the next person. All I ask is the same courtesy extended


Special notice: As I have said on other pages of this website: I reserve the right to decline services or consultation to anyone for any and all reasons.

Spiritual practitioners will at times decline assistance or consultation to someone because they feel they are either not able to help a person with a certain area of life. Or have other reasons which are based on the individual practitioner's beliefs, morals, ideologies or a general sense that something can not be helped. Do not take this personal if you have not been assisted as not everyone can always be helped. I will make an effort to answer all my emails as I am able to based on time. There is no reason to send more emails as this is pushy behavior and quite rude.

Notice: I will state this only once here, I do not give free spells nor will I offer free spell help advice. 

Furthermore if you are looking for spiritual consultation(readings, spell work etc) do not add request me on myspace, that is what my email is for.  

You need spiritual consultation email me here brujo_negro1@yahoo.com


Thank you for your patronage to my website...