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One of greatest tools for divination that you will always have at your disposal is the Great Conjure Book the Holy Bible. The art of Bibliomancy has been around for centuries, in times past people used the Homers Book for the Bibliomantic divination others soon used and use the Holy Bible for this form of divination some of the Islamic faith that practice divination consult the Holy Qu'ran.

A generalized summary for bibliomancy is: the use of a book such as Homer or the Bible by opening the book and randomly selecting a passage from the book as your oracle.

   I feel this is too much of a generic  definition for Bibliomancy and there really are deeper aspects to this oracle.  Rather than spend too much time talking about what Bibliomancy is and how it works I will give you the lesson as I have used Bibliomancy as a Spiritual Worker which in my experience has proven very effective during spiritual consultations with clients.

Updated Supplemental notes: 6/18/2007

For the Brujeria students and enthusisats among the readers of my essays.  Know that bibliomancy is a classical method of divination in Mexican Brujeria albeit introduced, this method is mentioned in one of the classical grimorios used in Mexico (La Magia Roja) mentions bibliomancy using the book of Homer. As the book of Homer is not common in Mexico we use the Bible. Bibliomancy is not a divination method unique to Hoodoo as it is shared by other traditions Brujeria being the older of the two. 


      It helps to have a psychic or prophetic oil on hand along with your bible so assuming that you have these items. The next thing you need is to find a comfortable place to perform the oracle. If you have trouble concentrating on the focus of your question then it helps to write this question on a slip of paper.  For example say your question is regarding matters of the heart "love" then you may to consult the Song of Solomon.  Stick your slip of paper with your question at the beginning of this book section close the bible.

    Set it before you on your altar or table wherever it is that you have chosen as your place to perform the oracle.  Anoint your temples and palms with the sacred oil and say a prayer to your ancestors asking their blessing and guidance to find the answers that you seek, ask your spirit guides to help you in this endeavor. Close your eyes and tune into the universe really feel yourself connected in the web of the universe knowing fully well that you will find the answers that you seek.

    Open your eyes and take the book in your hand open the bible to section you have book marked.   Once again ask the guidance of your ancestors and guides, close your eyes with the book in your hands and if you feel the urge to turn the pages of this book selection do so.  When you feel ready gently glide your index finger with your eyes closed over the pages and when you feel a tug at your finger stop! Open your eyes and read this passge, think about how it relates to your question; the spirits work in mysterious ways. 

    Sometimes the passage may seem to stray from the point of your question unless you meditate on its meaning you wont fully understand how well you question has been answered. Remeber that it helps to make a proper selection of the many books in the bible. 

    I will relate an example from a past spiritual consultation I took with a brief client several years ago. The consultation was one regarding judicial matters this gentleman had to appear before certain authorities to help his father be permitted a visa to the USA.  As we spoke I opened the bible said a prayer to my ancestors to guide us to the answer on how to deal with this matter. I went to the book of Proverbs and marked it with the ribbon in the bible, I closed the book anointed myself said a short prayer and focused on the question.  As I turned the pages my finger stopped I opened my eyes and my finger came to rest on Proverbs 12:02 A good man obtaineth favour from the Lord: but a man of wicked devices will he condemn. The interpretation for me was that those in higher authority presiding over his case would defend his plea if he presented this to the higher authority. This I explained to my client and that he should not fear the people he was dealing with. He took this advice with a prescribed prepared court case candle that I dressed for him and the apropriate psalm to pray.

    He did as advised in the oracle the next time he went to meet with this "officials" he asked to see their supervisor as he felt that they were being unfair. As it turns out the high official granted his father's visa to visit the USA and at this he had been fighting for three long months before the consultation. 

   A few suggestions on the different books in the bible that you can use in your bibliomantic oracles are as follows : Remember these are mere guidelines, For matters of the Law try the book of Proverbs or try the book of Kings 1 or 2 for questions regarding a journey try the book of Exodus.  For oracles regarding spiritual matters i.e. crossed conditions or other spiritual afflictions or even spiritual guidance look to LEVITICUS, DEUTERONOMY, or JOB.  For questions about business try the book of psalms, or proverbs. For questions about love, sex or relations i.e. friends, marriage or lovers look to GENESIS, SONG OF SOLOMON, PROVERBS, HOSEA.  Problems with hauntings, spiritual assaults, try consulting PSALMS, JOB, HABAKKUK.  Guidance on your spiritual path initiations, direction, the Gospels any of these are good MATTHEW -JOHN the book of JAMES is great for spiritual guidance. 

These guidlines are great examples of the books in the bible that one can look to when performing bibliomantic divination. Enjoy this lesson and remember it will take some practice which will reap you the benefits of this basic and potent divination system.

   Copyright Brujo Negro 3/12/06  This information may not be reproduced or posted in any form without prior consent from the author, not doing so will result in legal and further consequences.