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The revised work distilled teachings as they were originally intended to be.

The Grimoire is temporarily unavailable until further notice.

Here it is the revised copyrighted and self published, edition of the Voodoo Grimoire a book that has raised many questions; most of which I have endeavored to answer in my Voodoo Grimoire F.A.Q. More info will be available later in an essay I will writing regarding Hoodoo and what it has been for me.


The revised Voodoo Grimoire has more info than the first and has been distilled towards its original teachings. It is now 145 pages with tips and further guidance on the proper ways to deal with the spirits in addition to herbal upgrades on some recipes. The book has also been properly edited and includes a helpful table of contents which will direct you to your favorite topics. It is printed in a more magical journal style to give you the feel of a true working grimoire.

The book itself is spiral bound black in color with the feel and look of leather, its covers are made of 95% recycled paper which is my contribution to mother earth. Additionally the paper used in the book is of high quality acid free it is 25% cotton  another way to help save our trees.  

Update for 2010 Due to costs for ink and printing supplies I have raised the book's price to

$60.00 plus s/h see below for s/h rates

 Shipping and Handling for USA book orders is as follows.

 NOTICE ON SHIPPING EXPECT 2- WEEK DELIVERY : I realize that most visitors to this website looking specifically for my book do not usually take the time read my shipping information on my order information page so I am making this note here regarding shipping policies. Expect at least two weeks for delivery for book orders, as they are print on demand and I print and bind the books myself.       

In addition over the course of a month and  the weeks within the month I receive various orders which I attempt to fill in a timely fashion which is based on my time limitations due to my regular 9-5 job. Additionally I will generally fill orders on a first come first serve basis. Although I try to ship the books sooner please expect atleast two weeks for delivery on books.

Finally if you have placed an order through paypal I will contact you when the book is shipped to you. There is no need to send an email to check on the status of your book order.

If you agree to these terms I will be happy to fill your book order and please review my paypal payment information at the bottom of this page.

Effective Jan, 2010 USPS shipping rates have gone up so now it is  $12.00 USPS PRIOIRTY MAIL  within the USA of course.

Shipping Outside the United States: Europe and other overseas countries: Currently I am only shipping Global Express United States Postal service, to overseas book orderers. If you request a more economical shipping method you are held responsible if the book is lost in customs or otherwise. Nor will such a book loss be replaced. I'm not trying to appear unfriendly or hard nosed. But if you order a book then that is what I will send and I cant afford to replace books which mysteriously dissapear when they have been shipped. 

Abuses from past overseas orders have led to this change and I know that not everyone is this way, and I only wish to protect myself and protect the honest book buyers.

In addition to this and this is not limited to book orders but also applies to my oils and other spiritual products and spiritual services.


NOTE: Due to the current oil and fuel economy issues within the USA the overseas shipping rates have gone up. If you are an overseas buyer I'm sorry for the inconvenience. 

The following updated shipping rate reflects the change which is something I learned when I last shipped an order to Europe.

Priority mail overseas for the book is $41.00

If you would like a copy of the book, (this only applies to book orders) You can send me a payment through paypal using this email ID brujo_negro@hotmail.com   If on the other hand you are ordering a book and other spiritual products email at brujo_negro1@yahoo.com with your interest.  

Thank you for your interest in my Grimoire...