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Brujeria Extracts oils and other
Classic potions of Brujeria fame made by me




I decided to make this page with specifically Brujeria traditional spiritual preparations (potions) as some of the other spiritual products I offer are of Brujeria tradition from Mexico and other branches of Brujeria.

 Here you will only find Brujeria potions so please review my offerings and notice the beauty and unique style of some of these spiritual preparations which I'm certain you will find to be powerful and very effective. 

12/26/19  at the moment the oils are on hold to replenish my personal stock and may offer a couple other oils that could be useful to the experienced magical student.  Updates will follow.

 Magical oils, extracts of plants and herbal blends $20.00 each oil, bottled in a 1/2 ounce glass amber or cobalt blue boston round: These oils I have prepared myself and in many cases take over one month in their aging process so that these oils will contain the essence of the plants or plant mixtures which make up these potions or "spell oils". These herbal preparations have a base oil that is in harmony with the purpose of the preparation. Many of these extracts have aged for several months. These magical oils are used in candle anointing and some are used to anoint yourself such as "Limpia oil", can be used to anoint the picture of a person depending on oil and intent, can be anointed on items like a wallet or your dollar notes etc can also be anointed on door knobs or places someone comes into cotact to be affected by the spell's intention. This all depends on the oils and their specific intentions all oils can are suitable and intended for candle magic and the dressing candles for this purpose.

Some of these oils will have a strong scent depending on the herbal blend or the plants used others will have a faint woody scent and others made with minerals will have virtually no scent yet their vibration will be as strong as the other oils. Here's a beginning list of Brujeria oils and there will more to come in the month to follow.

SPIRITUAL OIL LIST $20.00 each oil 1/2 oz



Amansa Guapo oil:  This oil is made from the cutting the of branches of the Amansa Guapo tree, famous in Caribbean Brujeria and used in Coastal Mexican Brujeria. Amansa Guapo can be roughly translated as bully tamer or brute tamer as the spiritual property of Amansa Guapo is used to tame those lovers that are quarrelsome and can be used in spells to make one lover submissive to the other. Also can be used to control an enemy that wishes to harm you and makes them tame as a lamb (manso como corderito) As a compelling potion it has few rivals it is very effective for all domination and control spells, used with red candles, brown candles and in more serious matters with black candles. You can also use the labeled "controlling spiritual candle" and the "domination spiritual candle" with this oil. It can also be anointed on a photo of the person to be controlled or placed on your hands before business to shake the hand of the person you negotiate with and so transfer the oil with intent that follow you as a lamb follows the sheppard.


Cangrejo oil: This oil is made from the "crab" it is prepared from the crab shell. Cangrejo is well known in Coastal Mexican Brujeria and notorious in Caribbean Brujeria practices. Cangrejo is used in black magic work for controlling through emotional manipulation and in spells of harm which always affect the emotions. The uses of this oil are only limited by the imagination and understanding of the individual magician and their knowledge of the crab and its spiritual properties. Used almost exclusively on Black candles yet is used in other ways which if you understand the concepts of Brujeria will be obvious as you work with this unique oil. A very powerful oil highly recommended for the Black Magician's cupboard.


Coyote oil: This is a famous spirit of Indigenous Mexican Brujeria, the preparation of the oil has herbs long known to walk with Coyote in addition to real Coyote hair Acquired from a taxidermist. This oil is used to overcome obstacles with the help of the Coyote and can be used in domination spells for lovers or enemies and can be used to curse an enemy through the Coyote spirit.


Lasciva: This is a special blended oil for attracting sex and inducing feelings of lust, the oil is blended both with known herbs of Mexican Witchcraft for seductive control (the flowers) and essences long known in the Old World for their sexual compelling prowess. The best of both worlds, please remember this oil will not help you gain love and is strictly for sexual attraction, can be useful if you are already romantically involved and wish to impassion your romance. Or to draw a someone for sexual purposes or to make a date turn passionate. Best if used on red candles and can be used to anoint yourself (use sparingly for this it has a strong scent) it is not recommend as a magical perfume. Other applications are possible dependant on your knowledge of spells.


Limpia: Once listed on the primary products list but placed here due to its being traditional Brujeria in origin. The blend of herbs used in making this oil are very popular in Brujeria for overcoming all forms of negativity. Limpia can be anointed on candles for protection from maleficio, evil eye and envy, and is used to spiritually cleanse those same afflictions.  Can also be anointed on your temples and solar plexus after a spiritual cleansing to seal you off from negativity. 


Perro Prieto: This is a very special oil based on the stories of el perro prieto who is a syncretic spirit of Mexican tradition. His legends and stories are told in Verra Cruz Mexico he is a blend of the ancient Nahualli culture of pre-hispanic Mexico and an introduced due to the fact that the diabolism attributed to black dogs is an import from Mediterranean world.  El perro prieto is a nahualli shape shifter and malefic spirit, and this oil is made in this same vein. Perro Prieto oil is a strong magia negra oil used for all Black Magic operations and powerful for cursing, as it walks with this spirit and draws on the infernal.  



Piedra Iman oil: This oil is made from the Lodestones and is a magnet used to draw material things like money, and other items also to draw lovers to you. It can also draw business to your place in the form of more clientel being drawn to your business. The use of the Lodestone in Brujeria tradition is undisputed and historically proven in the old grimorios of Brujeria fame. Its use in Hoodoo infact is a contribution of Brujeria that happened long ago unlike the claims of the uninformed it came to Hoodoo from Brujeria not the other way around. Use the oil on red candles for love, green for money and so on. Remember it is a magnet which will attract things to you.


Rompe enemigos: This oil is named after a traditional cursing formula of Yucatan Brujeria fame. The traditional recipe I was given was in an incense form which due to its composition is best burned outdoors. So I created an oil form and refined the recipe to give it that extra boost. A very spiritually agressive cursing oil. A blend of time honored Mesoamerican Witchcraft herbs and elements including some classical herbs of Iberian Witchcraft.  The oil has been aged for several months for highest spiritual potency.  Used to break curses and break enemies a very strong warring oil.


Toloache: This is a classic herb of Mesoamerican Witchcraft well known since the Pre-Hispanic period of Mexico and written down in the Aztec Codexes. This plant is a bewitching herb used in many ways, classically employed in Mexican witchcraft for the purpose of driving people to insanity and loss of mind, commonly used for dominance and control. Which in has given Toloache its fame in love magic because it will enslave simply because it stupifies almost like a (zombi) in fact the plant is related to the classic herb known for this. This oil is an extraction of this plant and as you can see has various  applications from, control, to curse, and confusion; very powerful. Note: Toloache is not a love herb so its use should be handled with caution in regards to love magic, if you need something for love control and have less experience I suggest you try Amansa Guapo.




SAHUMEROS: Are incense blends of herbs which are burned on a charcoal.

Currently I only have one Sahumero to offer: 1oz for $20.00


San Cipriano Sahumero: Burn this on charcoal when you think somone has sent a negative spirit to you (enviacion) or when someone is cursing or reverse someone's bad thoughts against you. Very good for reversing spells against you. 12/26/19 (low stock will make more asap)



Polvos (powders)