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Gato Negro Spell Work
Spells with the Gato Negro are available upon request


Gato Negro Spell work is now offered to the public, for those who would like to harness the energies of this powerful spirit from a practitioner who has experience in working with the Gato Negro without the barbaric acts of the Past. 

I offer several types of spells that enlist the aid of the  Gato Negro


Please review some of my offerings and keep in mind that I will only perform this work if there is a real need for it.


The work with this spirit is initiated with contributions

from a living Black Cat that is my personal Familiar and has been a cherished and well cared for pet for many years


Note: Not offering any love spells with El Gato Negro so don't ask


Gato Negro de la Buena suerte:  Good luck spell work with the aid of El Gato  Negro this work comes with a basic amulet that has a relic of El Gato Negro to keep his positive influence coming to you. 




Gato Negro Amulets are available and made upon request:

The Gato Negro amulets can be made for good luck, protection, love both dominance in love and attraction and for power. I will need your name and date of birth to make these amulets and your special request.  These amulets are available for a donation of $80.00  this includes shipping cost


Or to request your amulet send info and donation at my PayPal link