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To order the items on my website simply send me an email with the information regarding the items you want.

I only accept payments through Paypal or money orders through Western Union. These are the best most effective methods to send a payment to buy the spiritual products I offer.

 Also if you require a reading or spiritual work send me an email with detailed information pertinent to the work you are requesting.  If you do not use paypal send me an email for additional info  to order my spiritual products via Western Union.

Now I'm only going to clarify this again here because I have had this issue twice already with people that have wanted to order my grimoire from me.

SHIPPING INFO: EXPECT 2-3 Week Delivery on orders for spiritual products as they are made to order specialty products.

NO MAILED IN MONEY ORDERS ARE ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME.  Western Union Money orders are accepted because it is money that is wired to me.  Within the recent years there's been an annoying problem of theft in the post office and it is not safe to mail in money orders and I know this from experience. So if you dont have paypal then your only option is the Western Union method.

I am only accepting $20.00 minimum orders at this time. 

Shipping is now calculated based on the size of the orders, I am doing this to be fair to the people that order from me.

For any and all orders please email me at  brujo_negro1@yahoo.com  and all the information you require to make your order will be provided.


ATT: PAYPAL USERS: If you are making payments through paypal make sure in your paypal payment information section to use your shipping address.

If you are buying an item for someone else make sure in your paypal payment information to specify the address. If you send a paypal payment and email me a different address to ship the order to I will refund you the money and you will have to resend the payment with the correct address in your paypal info.  I hate to sound harsh but this is done to protect the seller from any fraudulent/illegal activity that exploits paypal's seller protection policy.

Most overseas orders are accepted and have gone through customs without any issues, but those countries that have been an issue will be specified.


No orders  accepted to or from the Phillipines nor will any orders be shipped to the Phillipines.



I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.