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  I reserve the right to decline services or consultation to anyone for any and all reasons.

Spiritual practitioners will at times decline assistance or consultation to someone because they feel they are either not able to help a person with a certain area of life. Or have other reasons which are based on the individual practitioner's beliefs, morals, ideologies or a general sense that something can not be helped. Do not take this personal if you have not been assisted as not everyone can always be helped. I will make an effort to answer all my emails as I am able to based on time. There is no reason to send more emails or email me at myspace if your email hasnt yet been answered.


Additionally I do not base my assistance by the information some storefront psychic or psychic hotline may have given you, so if you mention such a psychic reading expect that I will not respond to it.  I can only base my assistance with you within the context of a spiritual reading that I have given you.

Finally if you have a problem with spiritual practitioners requiring a donation to perform spiritual work and expect something for nothing? You are only kidding yourself, even the priest at a local church will expect payment for performing a wedding ceremony or evening saying a mass for the dead. Nothing for nothing gives you more of nothing. I dont care if you ran into some one who told you they will help you and did so for free this just means you have no value for life and think everything should be handed to you freely.

Sorry but you're living in a fantasy and if this is you? Then please do not even bother emailing me. Get an education, even a tribal shaman demands a payment for his services. I dont have to do anything for free.



Note:  If you are emailing in regards to a request for magical work, please ask me first regarding your specific interests. If I accept and feel I can help you? Then tell me your whole story, but not before requesting first. 

If you extend me this simple courtesy it makes it easier to answer the large volumes of email I receive regarding these topics.


Finally if you are making consultation. DO NOT Request to be added on Yahoo Instant Messenger nor on any Instant Message system, I dont have time to chat.

If I am to help you it will be either through email channels or a phone consult which is available for my card readings only, or in the case that I am performing ritual work and we need to discuss the matter; which is my decision.


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SPIRITUAL WORK & HOW IT CAN HELP: Do you need a boost in getting a promotion or raise at your current Job?   Perhaps your current romance requires more flair; or your paths need to be opened so that you can have success in all areas of your life: Perhaps you are surrounded by negativity & need this negative energy removed from you, or just require a boost in confidence to make sure you will succeed in your endeavors.  Are you being victimized by unjust people & have not found the justice you require through legal means or otherwise?  The spirits can be called to lay their divine judgment upon such “evil doers” so that they get their just punishment on a SPIRITUAL LEVEL. 

Perhaps you have “Bad Luck” or are “Jinxed”, with proper spiritual cleansings this condition can be removed.  Below is a basic service that can help with your BASIC NEEDS; as such the service is described below. However the service is meant for simpler needs and some people will need stronger works, that might require more elements: Such as extended ritual work that can last up to 3 months during the time which the client will be given spiritual baths to take along with a stronger conjure bag prepared for their situation & perhaps a spirit candle will be provided for the client to use in his/her privacy.

Examples of the more “Serious Cases” might include situations such as:

Removal of Curses being under serious spiritual attack“maleficios” being sent to you by malicious practitioners that may have been hired by an envious competitor or otherwise hateful person.  

Stubborn Court Cases Criminal or Civil: might require heavy work as well. This of course is spiritual assistance not meant to replace legal advice or a lawyer.

Removal of a Long Term Jinxthis is when someone has had bad luck with them for years, this always requires HEAVY WORK that may last more than 3 months to clear up the condition such cases are always taken only after serious consideration.  As with all spiritual work, donations will vary depending on the time, materials and work required for such situations.

Cleansing of a building or other haunted place:  This is to remove negative entities or negative atmosphere in such places.

Limpias  or spiritual cleansings to remove the evil eye "el mal del ojo', cleansings against envy, also spiritual cleansings against an "enviacion" this is when an bad spirit has been sent to harm you or your quality of life.  Limpias to remove "La Sal" (see my essay on la sal) are also performed.

BASIC 14 Day Candle Service: 

For a  donation of $150.00 you can have a 14 day candle service performed on your behalf for ANY NEED: Love/Success/Money/Jinx Removal/ Hex Reversals/ Revenge/ Justice/Road Opener.  You name it and for 2 weeks I will perform a candle service for you on my Power Altar with the help of the spirits we will work on your case.  The candles prepared for this work are always dressed with the finest oils & herbs as used in my Brujeria and Conjure Practices, special spirit seals are used to bring in the energy required to make this candle service strong.  At the end of the 14 -Day candle service a basic conjure bag will be sent to you, to keep the energies flowing into your special need.  For many people this Basic 14 Day Candle service has given great results. Remember this is a basic Candle Service and some cases might require stronger work for such cases do email me privately and we will discuss your unique situation. Make sure to include a jpeg photo, your name and date of birth with your donation for this work donations are made through paypal if you dont have paypal, other arrangements can be made.  Any more questions about this service email me at brujo_negro1@yahoo.com  to send donation through paypal send to this email brujo_negro@hotmail.com



Powerful 21 day ritual working: For a donation of $300.00   I will  perform a ritual for 21 consecutive days to achieve your goal this ritual work is more powerful and includes offerings to the spirits along with candle work in addition to the preparation of a special amulet and an herbal bath or bath salts that are for you to use to surround you with the energies of the ritual. This work can be for anything you need help with: Money, Love, Sex, Gambling, Road Opener work, Jinx Removal, Reversing curses or maleficios sent against you. Spiritual Retribution if someone has wronged you the spirits can be petitioned to lay judgement on the evil doer. If this work is for spiritual retribution then you will receive an protection amulet and a ritually prepared powder to sprinkle on the wrong-doer's person, property or home.  Make sure to include a personal jpeg photo or photo of person to be worked on, your name and date of birth with your donation for this work, donations made through paypal are now only available to returning clients: new clients a mandatory western union wired money order. Any and all questions about this work email me at brujo_negro1@yahoo.com  


For any of the more serious cases that require more than 21 days please email me and we can discuss your unique situation. email me at brujo_negro1@yahoo.com  





Conjure bags aka “gris-gris bags” prepared for your special need available for the basic needs for a $35.00 donation the following gris-gris are available. Gambling luck, Money Drawing, Love Drawing, Sex Drawing, Protection against hexes, Protection from Evil Spirits, Protection against Harm, General Good Luck. Side Note: For any and all conjure bags include with your donation, a personal relic i.e. hair, fingernail clippings, photo or personal hand written signatures to personalize your conjure bag.  Side Note: For any and all conjure bags include with your donation, a personal relic i.e. hair, fingernail clippings, photo or personal hand written signatures to personalize your conjure bag. To have your gris-gris made email to:  brujo_negro1@yahoo.com 


Specialty extra potent  Conjure  Bags are  available for those very specific needs for a donation of $45.00 you can have such a special purpose gris-gris made.  Examples include gris-gris to help enhance your divinatory abilities, help with clairvoyance, draw a specific lover etc.  You make the request and I will see if your situation has a special conjure bag for what you need.  Just let me know and I will make your conjure bag to fit your unique situation whatever it may be.

Side Note: For any and all conjure bags include with your donation, a personal relic i.e. hair, fingernail clippings, photo or personal hand written signatures to personalize your conjure bag. To have your extra potent gris-gris made email to:  brujo_negro1@yahoo.com  



Spiritual readings are available and will vary depending upon the client's request, as in these matters it is always preferable to have a sit down "one on one" reading between client and spiritual practitioner. These types of readings differ from the "fortune teller" variety of readings in the sense that a reading from a spiritual worker is meant as a diagnosis of an individual's personal path.  Some readings are deeper in nature so as with all things each reading will vary there a few spiritual readings available here.

Consultas espirituales ofrecidas, por mi parte siempre se prefiere hacer la consulta en persona; pero estas consultas que les ofrezco se pueden lograr en el telefono o con su foto y otra infromacion pertienente a su caso. Estas consultas son para saber la patoga del cliente y si necesita ayuda espiritual.




For other types of spiritual readings offered go to my El puro page

Para otras consultas visite mi pagina La Ceniza del Puro

For any and all spiritual work described above including spiritual readings email to this address for further information on acquiring spiritual work.


Please note: Only Serious Enquirers will be answered as everyone's time is limited and valuable within their respective lives. Nor is this a place for free spells or spell help, in any event look to the masses of sites on the subject.  Also any information handed for a spiritual reading is strictly confidential between reader and client: Client's identity is always confidential and never mentioned outside the spiritual reading


Notice and Disclaimer: No guarantees are made of the effects or results achieved from any and all spiritual work performed, Neither the author of this essay nor the site host will be held liable for any effects or the lack of resulting from spiritual work performed, client assumes all responsibility for any and all effects achieved either physical or mental as a result of spiritual work performed.  Spiritual Readings are not meant to replace legal or health advice; in any such legal or health situation; do consult professional legal advice and consult a health care professional in health matters.