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I'm Brujo Negro a practitioner of Mexican Brujeria and related folk magic traditions This website is dedicated to the practice of folk magic from various traditions in addition to above mentioned traditions. There will be an emphasis on the practice of Mexican Brujeria with its folk magic aspects, its shamanic healing and magical practice.    And if you dont see something that you need feel free to ask and I will see if I can help you out.  I do have many resources to draw from.

On this website of Brujeria Magia Negra and Magia Blanca will be discussed as they are practiced in Brujeria.  In addition various spirits related to these practices will be discussed in up and coming essays.

I am a fourth generation Brujeria practitioner in what has been confirmed from my Paternal and Maternal Family Tree both sides have practiced Brujeria for four generations in Mexico, in addition I am the third generation to venerate Santa Muerte. Although there are Four Generations of Brujeria in the family, Santa Muerte's veneration in our family goes back three generations on the Maternal side. Please note Santa Muerte is much older than some believe. I have learned from my family as much as I have learned within my own studies. If you want to know more about me click here About Me 


I'm still here and wanted to make a quick note and I will address this is in its proper page.

I do not give free spell help nor do I give how to ritual info with some of the Folk Saints I connect with spiritually.

I have given plenty of free info on this website, but this does not imply that you are entitled to more info from me just for the asking.

Please note I am not looking to teach anyone as it really has no benefit for me and an apprenticeship is a great responsibility for both teacher and apprentice none of which I have time for at this moment in my life.

I'm not possessed of a frail ego like others that need to claim students to inflate their sense of self importance, I'm just a man and like most men enjoy the serenity of my family and treasure the simplicities of life.


MY REVISED VOODOO GRIMOIRE Is still available and the price has changed 


Due to the fact that my first work the Voodoo Sorcery Grimoire has a strong emphasis on Necromantic magik I will be adding essays to this website about the other aspects of my Necromantic Path and the related aspects of this path such as certain aspects of vampirism.  These practices are related to the shamanic path as well and I intend to define this matter in one of these essays.

On another note: In ancient to contemporary Mexico the word shaman or chaman is not used by traditional brujos and curanderos, the word shaman or shamanic is used in this website because of my anthropological education. It is also used as a generic term of what the western world knows about old healing and witchcraft practices, which stem from the works of Mircea Eliade one of the original exponents of the socio cultural study of traditional healing practices. 

His works influenced the (neo-shamanism subculture one that is sorely mislead). It is only this context that the word shaman/chaman is used, I do not completely share in his ideas, experience has taught me that shamanism is more than techniques of ecstacy or spiritual-energetic healing, that the line between being a healer or witch (curandero or brujo) is very blurred. Those that try to separate the two i.e. curandero and brujo do this to justify their personal bias, ideals, wants and personal gain.


BREAKING NEWS: It has recently been brought to my attention by a dear friend of mine that certain individuals have been spreading unfounded untrue rumors about me on internet forums, if you want to read more about this nonsense click on this link LOVE LETTERS .. I conclude with my personal refute regarding these unfounded allegations.

Notice: I am not in association with anyone else whatever rumors are being spread by certain individuals. Nor do I have any "colleages" whatever they are implying by this term and usually such individuals are riding on the one time shared former publisher which frankly was a terrible mistake that no longer will be. And has not been for some years now, nor did I ever perform spiritual work in association with anyone claiming otherwise. If you are coming to me for consultation please keep this in mind as I will not base my assistance on someone else's readings or other advice. Nor would any sincere spiritual practitioner ever base his or her judgment in helping you solely on the words of another person. ;Note: Although this website looks complete, it is not as I have many more articles to come and I have yet to include all of my other spiritual products, so enjoy the website and make sure to hit refresh button on your browser often as the site is constantly growing. So if you dont see something that you need feel free to ask as I have vast resources to draw from. Take care and many blessings to you and your people Update 7/8/19. I am still here