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          I remember as a child going to work with my father in his tree trimming business that there were certain days that nothing went right.  You know things like his chain saw would get jammed or he’d forget certain equipment needed for the particular job. 

Even sometimes he’d bump his head on something and I’d hear him say in Spanish “Sal!” maldita sal!  Of course being only 7 years old I did not understand what this meant, all I knew was that it meant something bad.  As I grew up I heard this expression more and more especially when I would go visit my  grandparents in Nochistlan Zacatecas Mexico, my Grandfather made reference to La Sal he also had special amulets prepared by Brujos to prevent the salt from affecting him.


What is La Sal “The Salt”?  : By definition this is a run of Misfortune!


The Salt as it is called in Mexican culture through South Ameria has over the years become a generalized term. However there is much more to it than a mere saying one must look at the origin of the term?  The origin of this belief stems from the introduction Catholicism by the missionaries and more specifically from the tales within the Holy Bible.  For in pre-Columbian times the Aztec used Salt as a medicine hence it was a good thing and not an omen of misfortune.  After all in the book of Genesis Lot was warned to flee from the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot and his wife were brought just outside the City of sin and warned to flee for their life and NOT look back.  In Genesis 19:24-25-26 we are given this tale.


24Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven; 25And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground.  26But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of Salt. 

So here we see why the salt would be viewed as a bad omen one of misfortune or destruction.  Because Lot’s wife was punished for disobeying the LORD she was turned into a pillar of Salt.  Then there is the wide spread superstition of spilt salt being bad luck, indeed in many cultures Salt is a very magical substance.  And even I would be the first to tell you that salt is a powerful element for good or bad whether in your diet or in a magical sense.

However my purpose in this essay is not as much to talk about the element of salt but rather the condition known as “La Sal” or The Salt.  Indeed many a time I can recall my old uncle at the dinner table asking my grand mother in Spanish “pasa me la de la mala suerte” which means pass me the one of the bad luck; he was making a reference to the table salt. 


From these examples it is easy to see how powerful the belief in “la sal” is, at this point I’d like to state that the belief in “la sal” is not limited to Mexico.  I have heard it mentioned that the natives in the Amazon will go through Ayahuasca Ceremonies to have La Sal removed [Ibid, p. 251, passim]


How does one know they have “La Sal”?

The symptoms of The Salt are not always easy to detect for once it has entered your life things will start to fall apart little by little.  At first your daily tasks can become difficult to carry through, as if a sudden clumsiness comes on.  Also, nervousness, and feelings of sickness.  Even, when you are given a clear bill of health from your doctor.  General bad luck in all areas of your life, examples can include; traffic violations or having things stolen from you.  People at work start to say bad things to you or put you down and your performance at work.  You start to make less money you may be demoted, or perhaps your spouse or lover starts to fight with you very often.  Feelings of nervousness anxiety insecurity in yourself, perhaps you feel very alone in the world like you always come up short.  These are just some examples of what having the salt or “La Sal” can do to you.


How does one contract La Sal or The Salt?

There are many ways that you can have The Salt upon you, for example ENVY!

Yes if someone envies you they can start to wish ill upon you curse you every day.

This is simple just by saying negative things about you and who you are they can start to make your happy life an unhappy life, remember negative emotions can and will create a very destructive force!  Another way you can have La Sal is GOSSIP, if people say bad things or spread rumors that are untrue they can damage your character.  Truly Gossip or “Slander” is a very malevolent force it can make your best friend hate you, even your sweet heart can turn on you because of slander; there’s no end to the evil of the hissing tongue.  Truly I have even heard slander called the use of cursing with the tongue.


Another way you may have contracted La Sal is to have offended a relative before they died and never reconciled with them as such you may have relics of this person in your home a picture perhaps or a personal belonging of theirs.  In such a case you have any angry ancestor punishing you and causing your misfortune; other times it can be a lover you had that passed on before you did.  In any of such cases you must seek the help of a Sorcerer or Brujo competent in dealing with these matters.  Sometimes La Sal will have been directly placed on you through an actual hex; someone may have gone to a Brujo that gave them certain powders to place in your belongings at work or in your car.

Perhaps the person may have hated you enough hire such a Person to perform a baneful ritual against YOU!  These are the many ways that the Salt be placed upon you.


The only way that the Salt can be removed is through what is known as a Limpia this is a cleansing ritual that removes La Sal from your path  allowing you to live life as it was meant to be lived.  Limpias are performed differently from Brujo to Brujo most of which are closely guarded secrets from practitioner to practitioner.  Many items are used in a “limpia” herbs, sahumeros, prayer many other important items according to the Brujo and their training.



If you feel that you have The Bad Salt affecting your life and need a Limpia feel free to contact me through my email at brujo_negro1@yahoo.com and we’ll discuss your situation. Or click on this link to Spiritual Work to see the list ritual services I offer.