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Magia Negra Continued
The darker more known aspects of Magia Negra aka black magic

Magia Negra Workings

The works of Black Magic

The purpose of this document is not to justify the practices of black magic or discuss the moral issues regarding the practice of Magia Negra.  Keep in mind that the Supreme being gives us the choice to take whatever path we desire in this life, whatever the consequences are will always rest upon our own actions in this lifetime. You dont have to accept the reality that black magic has its place and is not as terrible as some, hypocritical magical moralist would have you believe it is. Some people will attack the practice of Black Magic morally: Consider this first? Daily we are all bombarded by advertising on T.V. newspapers, and billboards etc, against your free will designed to influence you to buy their products. Yet when these sales people approach you they do not consider who you are, their only goal is to make a sale and they will target any and all audiences. Some of their tactics play on your fears to get you to buy their products, others appeal to your taste-buds, vanity (the illusive ideal look) the list goes on.

On the other hand Magia Negra is not a world widespread practice designed to control the masses. Magia Negra is a tool a practice which is used by the few whether practitioner or a person seeking the help of a Black Magician to turn the tables in their favor.  In that way it is very selective in its uses, and never seeks to attack innocent bystanders.  Obviously if you have been wronged and have no other means to defend yourself then you would turn to a higher spiritual power to tip the scales in your favor.  In such a case I am certain you would not be judged badly because you needed to defend yourself spiritually. If the magical sollution applies to your unique life situation then you will understand the point of certain works of Magia Negra. This short page is also a response to my various readers who will ask the question if I will perform certain magical works. 

Classical Magical Workings within Magia Negra/Black Magic

Aside the spiritual theological aspects of Mexican Magia Negra Tradition here is a classical or more appropriately stated commonly acknowledged workings within the tradition:

Salacion y Maleficios: These are the classic curses and Malefic spells designed to some how cause misfortune, bad luck or harm to health or sanity or otherwise damper a specific person's life in some way.  Obviously there are times when such harsh actions are needed as a means to protect yourself or loved ones.

Separaciones: These are the break-up variety of spells which are designed to either break-up friends, lovers, business partners, or a married couple.  Some partnerships are bad and then some people want to do such things out of pure petty jealousy; I suggest you look within yourself in such instances for the answers as to whether this is a magical working you "really need"

Atamientos: These are the binding, restricting variety of magia negra spells designed for various things, to prevent someone from harming you, or taking certain actions against you or otherwise block their path in some way.

Dominios: These are heavy duty domination and mental influencing spells used to either control a spouse, lover or business associate, even control someone who you want on your side.

Revocaciones y limpias: Remember the old saying ( It takes a criminal to catch one) A Magia Negra practitioner is far better equiped to cleanse someone or reverse any negative magic being used to harm a client, since maleficio is a specialty of the Magia Negra practitioner. If you are a victim of Malefic magic, then an expert in this magic is your best help in being free from this kind of influence.

Protection from negative forces: Without question Magia Negra is best suited to protect you from such negative forces.

These are all major workings though not the totality within the magia negra tradition:

If any of these situations apply to you and you find yourself needing help in any of these areas, then you may email me for enquiry to my help in your situation.

NOTE: I will not give free spell advice so if you email asking for such you will be ignored.

Lastly I will not be able to help everyone so be patient with my response as I too have a busy life and help based on the situation and whoever comes first in their request and need for help.

Please serious enquiry only: as this is a serious aspect of Brujeria and not to be treated lightly:


If you need my help with any of this work email me at brujo_negro1@yahoo.com