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My personal thoughts on my Ethnicity intended to clarify certain misconceptions of who we are as a people. Also its relevance to Mexican Brujeria culture


My personal disclaimer; I am in no way associated with any Mesocentric movements nor do I care to be. I acknowledge both sides of my ancestry and respect other people's ethnic roots. This article is my way of defending the unique beauty found within our Mexican Heritage. It is further intended to clarify and refute some of the highly unsubstantiated statements made by uninformed individuals regarding Mexico's Roots and Culture.

The reason I have created this page is to address and refute the ideas of different peoples regarding our Mexican Heritage.

The term Mestizo: Yes this term is an invention of the early Europeans which they have used to identify those of us that are of mixed bloodline meaning of mixed Native Indigenous blood and some European blood.

Due to my Anthropological education I have come to use this term because it is short and commonly understood as mixed race (Euro-Indigenous).  I understand that this term is used in other parts of the Americas as well.

Our personal views on this term (Mestizo): we do not see it as no true label of what we are. For although many of us are not purely idigenous blood the majority of us Mexicanos see ourselves as Indigenas like our ancestors.   You do not get to choose how you are born nor who your family will be and although I personally acknowledge both sides of my ancestry I am not ethnocentric yet I am very proud of my indigenous roots which for me are the strongest molecules within and without my entire being.

There are Eurocentric pseudo scholars that make ubsurd claims that our people did not evolve on their own and extend this ignorance into Brujeria and Curandero culture stating that we have almost purely "Spanish roots"? And they base this ignorance on some book written by someone that "theorizes" on the pyramids of Ancient Mexico as being mediteranean influence i.e. semitic influenced?  The Chinchorro mummies of Chile are at least 2000 years older than the Egyptian mummies! Even the methods of mummification are far different from those used in Egypt.

How does this relate to my refute? Very simple it is common historical knowledge that the people of South America interacted with people in Mexico through trade and otherwise so how is it that someone can even claim something so ubsurd as to say that Ancient Mexico has Spanish roots? 

In addition there are some Afrocentristic pseudo scholars  making unsubstantiated claims of an "African" influence/colonization in Mexico before Columbus and Cortez, this is something that they base on mere conjecture.  They base such nonsense on the giant Olmec head of San Lorenzo, claiming that they have African facial features. Totally untrue, and if they took the time to study genetics of the excavated skulls that were found in such burial grounds they would not make such  silly claims.

Fact: The Olmecs suffered from a condition which was a genetic deformity called the cleft lip and cleft palate that gave the appearance of big lips and wide nose. This condition is shown on the skulls of the sufferers of this genetic deformity. The Cleft palate occurs when the skull is formed and the hard palate does not completely join causing a split that distorts the facial features, usually the spreading of lips or parting. It is a terrible deformity that occurs before the child is completely formed in the womb. Another Fact: The highest incidence for this condition occurs in Native American/Anahuac genetics and Asian genetics, the lowest percentage of the cleft lip and cleft palate occurs in African people. 

Without Archeology we would not have these clarifications and the perpetration of such unfounded  claims would be accepted. Remember once upon a time European people thought that the world was flat, Columbus disproved this. Unfortunately he commited far too many atrocities with the people he found in "New World". Education is the only way to set yourself free of the ignorance that surrounds this world.

What it boils down to is the fact that all humans all over the world do at some point have similar ideas, this does not mean that because they are similar that they originate from the same source. Remember that we are all creatures living within the Giant Web of Life and the web resonates its thoughts and vibration.

Only a desperate person wants to believe that all things originate from one source as based on their ethnocentric views of the world.

My intention is not to turn this into some soap box debate, only to clarify my views and help expose the ignorant claims and statements made by outsiders to our culture people that think because they sit and have a cup of coffee with Doña so and so and Don such and such for 15 years that it gives credibility to their pseudo-scholarly claims.                

I acknowledge the fact that Mexicano culture for the most part is syncretistic which is a part of history now.  We cant change the past but we can remember our ancient ancestors and not be mislead by the views of Eurocentric outsiders that constantly do their best to discredit the ancient people of the New World.

I say give credit where credit is due and I am a strong advocate of recognizing all contributions to folk magic traditions something I have made a strong effort of in my essays on Brujeria and will continue to do so. To that effect some of the terms used in my essays are common terms used in Western occultism i.e. Left hand Right Hand Path etc.  That is because my occult knowledge stems from various sources something I will never deny.

 The truth will set you free regardless of where such freedom will take you, it is never the less a road unclouded by ignorance.