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Frequently Asked Questions
Some facts about my book and its revison


 Here is a list of questions that have been commonly asked regarding my original work which has been revised.

Q. Is this book about the Voodoo Religion?

A. No this book is not about the Voodoo Religion at all nor was it ever meant to be represented in that way. It is a book about Conjuration "Hoodoo" with Mexican Brujeria concepts which I learned from my own heritage.  It is about the way a Brujo venerates the spirits. It was marketed as "real voodoo" by former publishing contract.

Q. Is there Voodoo in the book?

A. My book represents certain Voodoo spirits that I have worked with and again I stress that the Voodoo in my book is about the way a Brujo venerates the Voodoo spirits not the way a Houngan or Mambo would serve the Loa. This is a very important distinction which I tried to make clear in my old intro to the book. The book was written in the style of Conjure that is seen in the classic pamphlet Famous Voodoo Rituals and spells by H.U. LAMPE. 

Q. What about the Necromantic aspects of your book?

A. The rituals described in my book that deal with the dead borrow heavily from my early brujeria training the altar set up is meant to work with the dead not in any Voodoo fashion but the Necromantic ways I was taught by my family and influenced by some of the older  Brujas and Brujos I met in my early occult studies.  This is why I never refer to the dead as ghedes in my book because that is not the work being done.

Q. Are there any ceremonial magic aspects to this work.

A. No I have no training in ceremonial magic, the closest this work comes to including such forms of magic is the seals of the spirit families. Only that they are not meant to be ceremonial but used as other seals are used in conjure i.e. under candles and in conjure bags. This is not so unfamiliar to those Hoodoo workers that incorporate the Seals of Solomon or the Seals of Moses in their conjure work. 

Q. I have seen the word "Bokor" used several times in the book why use this word if you are a Brujo?

A. The term Bokor  carries the same conotation as Brujo does because a Brujo and a Bokor are essentially the same kind of practitioner albeit from different cultures. Both are sorcerers that operate outside the extreme of priests in these practices. Both have learned to gain the help of the spirits without belonging to a religious sect.

Q. How will I be able to obtain a copy of this revised work?

A. Follow this link for further info VOODOO GRIMOIRE