Gato Negro Potions

Here is a list of specialty spiritual products that I carry for this powerful spirit El Gato Negro many of these items are my own homemade Authentic Brujeria oils and related potions. This is a general list and in time will include other potions related to El Gato Negro for now take a look at some of the oils I carry and a spiritual soap which I have limited supplies of. My Gato Negro oils are made with the same quality as all my brujeria oils. These oils contain actual hair from a black cat that was donated by pet owners the cats were not harmed in doing this, as it was taken with a brush. And what cat doesnt like a good brushing?


Gato Negro Brujeria oils:

Gato Negro Dominante oil gato.jpg; this oil is for domination in various areas compelling others to your will, business compelling and love compelling spells use on red candles for love or business domination, for total domination spells use black candles . 1/2 oz bottle only


Gato Negro de la Suerte oil gato_negro_copy.jpg; this oil is used for good fortune in all areas of life you can use this oil to anoint candles for luck and money or anoint your favorite lucky charm or lucky hat etc, when you go gambling. Best when used with cat shaped candle. 1/2 oz bottle only


Gato Negro de Magia Negra oilgato_negro.jpg: This oil is the Magia Negra oil used for conjuring infernal spirits, directing infernal spirits to do your bidding and for spells of harm against your enemies use with black cat candles, black candles and red candles in specific rites . 1/2 oz bottle only   

Gato Negro Spiritual Soapgato_1.jpg: Also known as Jabon del Gato Negro This is a spiritual soap from Mexico on the box it reads Quiereme siempre y no me olvides which means Love me always and dont forget me. This is a love compelling soap, I energize these soaps by anointing or dressing them with a Gato Negro oil and praying over the soap in the name of the person that buys the soap so that it will have a stronger spiritual vibration. Limited quantities $4.25   


Gato Negro Amulets are available and made upon request:

The Gato Negro amulets can be made for good luck, protection, love both dominance in love and attraction and for power. I will need your name and date of birth to make these amulets and your special request.  These amulets are available for a donation of $35.00 for more info email me at