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These are just some of my conjure potions, the ritual oils available in  ½ oz  for a donation of $20.00.  These oils are bottled in amber bottles in accordance to the "arts of the apothecary".  This is done to preserve their spiritual virtues as sun light is known to"denature" many essential oils, and these spiritual oils are living energies that must be preserved so that they give the best work for their users. All of these potions i.e. oils, powders, incenses, or spiritual waters are made from natural essential oils, herbs and other natural elements that are activated through prayer and empowered with ritual.

No dyes are used to color my oils or powders all potions are made natural in accordance to the arts of the Apothecary, this is with the exception of those formulas that call for a color as part of the recipe.  Although all orders are processed promptly, please allow 2 to 4 weeks delivery based on size of order.  Again oils are   $20.00 for 1/2 oz.




Ritual Bath Salts are prepared differently from the other potions in the sense that they are colored. This is because salt is a crystalline structure; crystalline structures are known to receive vibratory influences very well. Colors are vibrational in nature as are the oils used in the preparation of these sacred bath salts. Ritual prayer and ceremony are all performed in the preparation of these sacred bath salts.  The Bath Salts will appear in their section suffice to state their creation and the importance of why they vary in being colored over the magical oils.

I will also have available various magical and or apothecary tools or elements needed for the practice of brujeria and shamanic work.  In time I will also include spell kits, divination kits and other rare specialty items.  All herbs and or elements that are taken from the wild are done so with proper respect to the spirits of nature. 





Special note: Items may or may not appear as shown pictures are descriptive art.

Notice and legal disclaimer: (The author does not assume any responsobility for the results achieved or lack of using these spiritual products; Nor are any guarantees made of supernatural effects as a result of using these spiritual products, buyer assumes responsobility for any results or the lack of resulting from using these spiritual products)

The first items in the catalog are the Ritual oils aka (Magical oils) other products will be introduced in their proper place.


Bokor Powder