Note: The picture of the spiritual soaps from Mexico are display photos so their outer cover may look different i.e. slightly off color or not as perfectly shaped. This is because the cardboad used in making their containers is made of recycled paper.

Pirul spiritual soap pirul.jpg: El arbol de Pirul has a special use in the practice of Brujeria and Curanderismo in various limpias or spiritual cleansings. Generally speaking branches are used in removing mal del ojo "evil eye", envidia, and espanto or haunting sickness which is a little different than susto. This spiritual soap from Mexico is made with pirul and can be used to cleanse yourself after a heavy trabajo, or when you feel negativity is around you and used in conjunction with a large spiritual cleansing ceremony. I dress the soap with limpia oils and pray over it in the name of who ever will own the soap to make the soap more effective. Limited Quantities$4.25


Pajaro Macua spiritual soap pajaro_macua.jpg: El pajaro macua or macaw bird is attributed legendary powers for good. He is of syncretic origin the legends spoken of him, for example one legend relates how Christ saw the macaw bird sitting on an olive tree branch at 12 at night in the mountains of Galilea and proclaimed that his nest was blessed above all others. There are other legends which relate to the macaw removing the  thorns from the crown of Christ which is when he blessed the macaw with the same blessing of the three kings.  This soap is special in that it will draw good fortune and blessings for all areas of life, the soap comes with a prayer in Spanish but a translated prayer and ritual washing intructions are available upon request. As an additional boost I will dress and bless the soap with Three Kings oil Limited quantities $4.25


Jugadores spiritual soap jugadores.jpg: Jugadores means "players" in this instance it relates to game players or gamblers, this soap is utilized to draw good fortune in gambling and games of chance. However it says in Spanish on the soap that it contains sandalwood. Sandalwood oil is a great success and good luck oil that helps bring good luck in all money areas. So this soap would be great for help in not just gambling also general money drawing.  I make an additional dressing of this soap with a good luck oil  and prayer for the owner of the soap.               Limited quantities $4.25 

Pancho Villa Spiritual Soap : This spiritual soap is made in honor of the famous revolutionary General Villa. Pancho Villa became a folk hero because of  his wits courage and ferocity in battle, in addition to the fact that he was also a business man and gave to the poor; such as the widows and orphans of his fallen soldiers. Although  more recent in addition to the Brujeria and Curandero practices during the 1900s, he is most famous with Brujas and Curanderos in the Southwest and parts of Chihuahua. I offer this soap both for its spiritual properties and for its aesthetic value. It comes with his oracion in Spanish and upon request with purchase of the soap I will include an English translation of the prayer and instructions for use. I will additionally pray over the soap so that its vibrations are elevated to bring you the highest energy possible. Limited quantities $4.25

War Water (Agua de Guerra) Spiritual Water

War Water is a classic magical water used in the Folk Magic practices of the New World.  It is iron water that is prayed over and used both as an offensive spiritual water or a defensive spiritual water. As an offensive spiritual water it employs the martial element of iron. Iron is well known to take and hold strong emotions such as those of anger and hate, it also takes on the emotions of survival. Because of this War Water can be used in all out spiritual warfare to attack or defend, as a protective water it is used in your bath and sprinkled in your home (diluted) and prayed over to protect.

It only takes about a shot glass full of war water to add to your bath with a sincere prayer to your guardian angel or protective spirit that you not be harmed. A little goes a long way.

For use as an offensive tool the classic method one seen even the book Mules and Men by Z.N. Hurston. It is used inside a glass bottle that you pray to the war spirits to avenge you and you smash this bottle on their property or work establishment. This water I make myself and what I have here in stock is aged for 2 years and comes in this plastic eight ounce container for safety. Right from the Brujo's own cupboard..

 Authentic War water  $15.00

For info in Spanish click on the image, Para informacion en Espanol toque la imagen.


Damnation Water "Agua de condenacion"

 Damnation water is a classic offensive spiritual water used in spiriual assaults against enemies. It is the spiritual opposite of blessing or holy water, it damns instead of blessing. This is a classical conjure water sprinkled on your enemy's property or their work place or their clothes, on their person etc. It is used in conjunction with other damnation rites to make the work effective. 

This water is based on the classical elements that made the damnation water which has been mentioned in conjure circles for several generations. I have studied this aspect of conjure for many years, and bring you this powerful hand crafted spiritual water aged to strengthen the herbs and other elements that make Damnation Water so powerful.  Comes in a plastic container for safety. Para informacion en Espanol toque la imagen del agua.

 Authentic Damnation Water $15.00