Shown above is a sample picture of the oils and bath salts I make plus an incense from left to right: cleansing bath salts, van-van oil, exorcism oil, tapa-boca "shut mouth" oil, ten commandments oil and siete potencias incense. As stated before I will only use amber bottles or on occasion cobalt blue because amber bottles or the latter protect the oils from light which denatures their precious properties. If you look closely you can see that there are herbs, seeds and other elements inside the bottles of oil. Herbs, roots, leaves, seeds and or other elements are added to many conjure and brujeria oils to raise their spiritual energy giving your ritual oils a higher potency. All of my oils and other ritual potions are made with the greatest care, with ceremony, prayers and offerings to the plant spirits that donate their spiritual essence to this craft. In many cases I must go out into the bush to gather herbs and make my own oils for those rare formulas that call for oils not carried on the market.  I do all of this with permission and offerings given to the plants that grant their blessing and their spirit in this work.




UPDATE: As of July 2006 I will no longer be offering the 1/4 oz oil, this is in part due to the fact that most of the people that purchase my spiritual oils prefer the half ounce bottles which are more durable and practical. From now on my oils are only available in 1/2oz variety

Here's the list of the Classical Conjure and Brujeria oils that I make in most cases they are my own tried and true formulas and variations on classical formulas. Remember they are  1/2 oz bottles of oil for $10.00 To order these oils or any other spiritual products simply go to my ordering info page for instructions.



Voodoo oilskullc.jpg: used in the rituals to offer to spirits anointed on candles and other charms to increase strength it is a power/spirit oil. 


 Hindu Grass oilmago_copy.jpg: Classic oil used for various purposes of a positive nature similar to "van-van" and can be used in place of "van-van" it is stronger more spiritual.   


Aceite Poder (power): For strength and power of all kinds, give added power to your spells, give you power over all things.


Jinx Removing150px-Small_crucifix.jpg: To remove crossed and jinxed conditions


Camillia Lucky oil: Personal conjure blend. Used for great fortune in all areas but works most powerfully in money areas.  Good for love, luck, and luck at gambling.  


 High Altar Oilcandle.jpg: My own formula used to anoint altar candles, for blessings and to draw in positive spirits.





Aceite de Intranquilo aka Intranquilo aka Restless oil: This is my variation of the traditional recipe for this famous  Brujeria potion and its main function is to cause a psychic form of restless feeling in the person under its spell. It is a hexing oil with uses ranging from the classic love hex which leaves no peace or rest in the victim until they submit to the spell caster. But it can be used to cause a person to be restless to lose their job, restless in a relationship, restless in a marriage to name a few examples. So be careful in its use because it is a potent hexing potion. If you specify what you need the oil for I can customize the recipe for your need  such as love specific or cursing specific.



Balsamo Tranquilo aka Tranquility Balm:  Another Classic  Brujeria potion. This is a peace oil that calms the mind and spirit, it also has a cleansing effect very useful in spiritual cleansings for its calming and cleansing factor. It is the opposite of intranquilo oil.



Tapa Boca aka Shut Mouth oil: This formula is used in candle rituals to stop a person from slandering you, tapa boca used on a shut mouth candle or a reversible candle or a black candle. Will cause the slanderer to stop or if they dont their slander will backfire on them.     

High John the Conquerorhigh_john_root_copy.jpg: I make this oil with actual High John  "ipomoea jalapa" root essence oil, which I make through a lengthy alchemical extraction process that takes four months to complete. The formula contains this oil and other oils to focus the energies towards the intent of the formula which is: That this is the oil you need when you are in need! This oil is used to get ahead in business, money, success in all areas, love conquering etc an oil of power that gets things done. This is the oil that will help you overcome all opposition.

Law stay away oil (espanta policia): Sometimes people are harrassed unjustly by the police and this oil will help keep away the unjust or protect against harrassment from unfriendly police.

Commanding oil: A very powerful oil to make others do your bidding use on purple or controlling candles.  

Abre camino aka Road opener oil: This oil is used to open the way or clear away obstacles and create the opportunity for success in money, love, health and happiness.  

 Love Drops oil: My own version this is for passionate encounters creates sexual magnetism with a hint of romance. A great oil for those that are looking for a good time with a little romance.  

Chuparosa180px_Male_white_tailed_Emerald.jpg: The divine hummingbird spirit of Mexican Brujeria this oil is used for Love drawing and to make someone fall in love with you and for good fortune, best results when used on a chuparosa candle use the red or solid pink chuparosa candle for love and the two color green and pink chuparosa candle for good fortune .  


Burning bush oilburning_bush_copy.jpg: This is a personal recipe named after the burning bush that gave Moses the prophetic vision; used in all psychic work for prophecy to divination, rituals to increase psychic ability and to anoint your divinatory tools i.e. bones, dominoes or anoint hands before a card reading and always anoint your temples and third eye.            




Holy oil of Moses: My own formula made in honor of the greatest Magician in the Bible Moses the man of God; this oil is used in many forms of magical work for anointing all positive talismans, blessing, prophetic work, spiritual insight from the divine asking the guidance of Moses, for anointing your staff of Moses or baston of the spirits and consecration of altars and ritual items, a very powerful oil. Only available in half ounce

Testimony of Fireflame.jpg: Another original recipe, based on the story of the contest on Mount Caramel between the great Prophet Elijah and the 450 Prophets of Baal in which Elijah demonstrated the power of the Lord which consumed his sacrifice with a holy fire and the 450 prophets of Baal all failed to manifest the power of their God.  Use this oil for powerful spiritual cleansing where you are afflicted with evil spirits or are suffering from a long term jinx, it is the most sacred oil to bless a person place or thing to be free of negative energies. When all the other spiritual cleansing oils fail use this oil. Only available  in half ounce

San Lazarosanlazarofoto.jpg: This is for Saint Lazarus the saint spoken of in the parables of Jesus Lazarus the beggar, often depicted as a poor beggar with a pair of crutches and two dogs that accompany him. He is the patron of the sick and the poor, this oil is for healing requests from San Lazaro this saint is often syncretized with African deity Sopona god of Smallpox known as Kubayende in Palo Mayombe or Babalu Aye in Lucumi.  

Santa Muertesantisimamuerte.jpg (White Muerte) : This is a personal formula used for petitioning the Santa Muerte for blessings, protection, spiritual healing and cleansing and guidance from the Santa Muerte and the ancestors and special requests, it is not for love.  

 Santa Muerte Amor(Red Muerte): This personal formula is used for the famous love rituals that the Santa Muerte is famous for in Mexico. It can be used in petitions for returning a strayed lover, love binding "ligar", attract a special someone and all related love rituals.  

Santa Muerte Negra(Black Muerte) : This oil is used with the black Santa Muerte in rituals dealing with enemies, spiritual warfare and against curses, envy and related spiritual issues. It really belongs with my magia negra line of oils but since her oils are listed in the Santo category I list it here.


 San Simon spirit oilSan_Simon.jpg: I made this oil in honor of San Simon the folk saint of Guatemala. Use this oil for all good requests with San Simon luck, protection, safe journey, money, good business, spiritual cleansings, all works of a positive nature.    

La Madamamadama_copy.jpg: The archeptycal African ancestral spirit she brings blessings to those that venerate her and this oil is designed to draw blessings, protection, guidance and good fortune into your life.        


 Siete Potencias aka Seven African Powers oil siete_potencias_copy.jpg: This is another personal recipe unlike those seen in both famous and infamous formularies. This oil is designed to attract the blessings of the seven major Orishas or can be used to ask the help of the very saints that represent these Orishas. A very good oil for blessings, good fortune, prosperity and all good things. 



MAGIA NEGRA OILS (Black Magic oils)

Magia_copy.jpgHere is a proprietary list of oils that I make for these particular practices some are exotic and unique to me, and I have classic formulas some have the names of classics but are my own recipes each oil will be described with info on its use.


Black Arts:  The time honored potion of Hoodoo fame this is one of those potions inspired by the old Black Magic grimoires that influenced Hoodoo. No Brujeria or Hoodoo worker should be with out this oil it is one of the finest for working with dark spirits, conjuring diabolic forces, cursing enemies and dark power rituals. This is my own recipe based on the various formulas and is well balanced with traditional herbs and oils.  There are various Black Art formulas that I make this one is a general Black Art formula in that it can be used to conjure dark spirits and use for cursing rituals. A very potent formula. 



MUMMY OIL: This is a special formula that uses the spiritual energy of the Decaying or Necrotic aspect of the death essence. Due to the herbs, and essences utilized in its making it has the ability to assist in conjuring the angry spirits of the dead to assist you in your magia negra work.

 Devil oildiablo_copy.jpg: This particular oil is my own unique formula, you may find this name for other oils sold by other suppliers but it's not the same.  The oil is used in all works of harm and in particular it connects with the spirit that it is named after, it is best used on black candles, and also red candles in certain works. It also works very well with Devil shaped candles a very powerful formula use with caution.

 Zombi Astral: This is truly a unique treat and I had some reservations about including this formula because it is a very special blend. Unique to my magical practices this oil can be used in vampiric spells designed to drain an enemy of energy. On the extreme it can also be used in rituals to freeze or bind the astral body, thereby create an astral zombi it is truly an advanced formula with various applications not limited to the mentioned.  I will only make this one for serious requests.

Haitian Zombi: This is a little different it is basically an extreme dominance formula that goes beyond the effects of commanding oil because just like a zombie that obeys its master so this oil breaks the will of the person it is used on. Use with black candles and on dolls for controlling.