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Black Salt Sal Negra

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Aunthentic Black Salt: This is a classic Mexican Brujeria powder my own personal recipe it is a hexing powder used to drive away enemies cause problems i.e. bad luck put la sal on them etc . Unlike the mass produced black salt which normally comes from markets in the East Indies and is used as a food this is not the same. I have a special process  to make this salt which is empowered in a 21 day ritual process very powerful powder.

Sal Negra autentica mi receta personal: Sal negra es uno de los polvos mas indicados en la tradicion de brujeria Mexicana para retirar los enemigos, para la salacion de los enemigos, y otros trabajos negros. Esta sal negra no es sal negra commun, esta sal negra yo la preparo con mi propia receta y es potentizada en un rito que dura 21 un dias Muy potente..